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Get To Know A Bit Of Yachats Oregon History

American history goes back much further than the first settlers that landed on the eastern coast in the early 1600s. Many Native American tribes thrived throughout the states before any borders were ever made, and the Yachats Oregon area is rich with the history of a few early tribes. There are many stories of how immigration of settlers and the culture of the original tribes shapes the Yachats Oregon area, and when you stay with us at The Adobe Resort, you can visit an Oregon museum and learn about the early days of our beautiful home.

The Early Days Of Yachats

Before early American settlers made their way west, Native American tribes like the Lower Umpqua, Coos, and other tribes named similarly to Alsea and Yachats resided throughout Oregon’s coast. These tribes thrived on the lands but were forced to relocate when settlers reached the coast in search of a new home. Much of Yachats and Oregon’s history is gruesome in the fact that many lives were lost in the process of settlement. In the early 1900’s the new locale wanted to name the city “Oceanview,” However, it was decided that the name was too common along the coast and was changed to Yachats in 1917. By the 1930’s, Highway 101 and the bridge across the Yachats river was built, and travel was made far easier on locals and the already abundant tourists.

The Little Log Church, Oregon Museum

Oregon museumAlong with the construction of Highway 101, in 1930, a historical site that is still standing and in use is the Little Log Church. Built from local logs floated down the Yachats River, the church was designed in the shape of a cross. It was erected for Oregon Conference of the Evangelical Church and was later used by the Presbyterian Church ministers. Once the congregations grew in numbers that surpassed the building’s capacity a new, larger church was constructed while the Little Log Church was sold to the Oregon Historical Society. You can visit the Little Log Church, which is now an Oregon museum to get a glimpse into the early years of our beautiful city.

History And Yachats Lodging

When you visit Yachats Oregon, discover the rich history of the area by visiting the Little Log Church along with numerous other historical sites and Oregon museums. There are plenty of things to do in Yachats Oregon nearby The Adobe Resort, so when you stay with us, explore the city and discover the past of our coastal paradise. The Adobe Resort invites you to embark on exciting and historical adventures in Oregon while providing premier Yachats lodging and dining while you are here. Don’t miss out on everything the Oregon coast has to offer.