Yachats OregonOregon Coast Gravel Epic

Every May, bicycle fanatics from all over the country flock to the gorgeous coastal city of Yachats Oregon to compete in the annual Oregon Coast Gravel Epic. Like many who have come before know, the best place to stay during this Oregon cycling event is Adobe Resort. With a prime location right on the beautiful coast and a plethora of fantastic amenities, Adobe Resort is the premier Yachats lodging for all Oregon events such as this. Make your way out to this beautiful locale for the unique Oregon cycling experience that is Oregon Coast Gravel Epic.

The Routes

There are two routes riders can choose from in the Oregon Coast Gravel Epic. The first one, called the Abomination Route, takes cyclists daring enough to participate up 62 miles with a climb of 6,800 feet. This test of strength and will meanders through the breathtaking and historical Siuslaw National Forest, steep hills included. Decades-old logging trails make up the terrain of the ride, with half paved and half gravel surfaces. This route usually takes riders somewhere between three and seven hours to complete. The second route that cyclists have the option to ride is the Son of Abomination. This trek takes riders on a 37-mile portion of The Abomination and consists of a climb of 3,740 feet. While shorter than it’s father route, the Son of Abomination is still incredibly demanding and exhilarating to ride.

More Information

Along both routes, various stations featuring nutritional endurance fuel will be set up to recharge and replenish riders. At each aid station will also be sandwich ingredients and other forms of sustenance to ensure the health of all those involved in the Oregon cycling event. Staff members of the event will be waiting at the finish line to valet riders’ bikes so that they can enjoy the prepared offerings and greet friends and family. This exciting cycling affair does not stand alone but is one of three Oregon events which make up the Oregon Triple Crown Series.

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Make your way to this fantastic event and take in all of the gorgeous scenery of Yachats Oregon. A trip to the Oregon Coast Gravel Epic with a stay at Adobe Resort is sure to create good times and lasting memories. Come and be part of this unique Yachats Oregon experience.