Yachats beachesHelp Clean Yachats Beaches

Thousands of vacationers come from all over the country to visit Adobe Resort and experience the incredible Yachats beaches. Our Yachats lodging Oregon location is home to some of the most beautiful west coast beaches available on the Pacific shoreline. These vast expanses of sandy Oregon coast don’t stay pristine without some work, however. With the help of the SOLVE Oregon organization and gracious volunteers, our beaches in Oregon remain clean and beautiful for future generations and wildlife to enjoy. Be part of a heart-warming and inspirational experience during your Adobe Resort vacation, and help preserve the fantastic beach you love so much!

What is SOLVE Oregon?

SOLVE is an Oregon nonprofit that was organized to improve and preserve the state’s natural environment and encourage Oregon stewardship. The wonderful people at SOLVE share our love for the area’s breathtaking beauty and are on a mission to keep it. With a location right on the coastline, we are Adobe Resort couldn’t agree more with this important endeavor. SOLVE helps to clean-up and protect the state’s parks, neighborhood, and other natural space along with the awe-inspiring Oregon beaches.  

How to Help Yachats Beaches

If you’re interested in learning more and helping SOLVE in their mission to keep our beaches beautiful and marine life healthy, volunteer at the annual beach clean-up event while on your Adobe Resort vacation! SOLVE team members, along with thousands of volunteers gather every spring (usually in March) to pick up garbage and debris from beaches all over the coastline, including Yachats beaches. A staggering amount of human pollution ends up on our Oregon beaches, threatening the majestic and unique wildlife which we adore so much. By joining in on the fun and valuable event, you can make a huge difference and feel good about what you’ve done while on vacation to magical Yachats, Oregon.

Yachats Beaches

Do more than appreciate the breathtaking Oregon coast while on your Adobe Resort getaway. Join SOLVE in their effort to do a little good for this area’s beautiful natural environment. Spending a few hours volunteering for such a noble cause will be a fun and memorable experience on your Oregon trip. Schedule your spring vacation today and enjoy our incredible beachside location!