whale watching oregonThere are many different things about the Oregon coast that have captivated people for centuries. Along with the breathtaking ocean views and unique wildlife, there is one majestic resident that people just can’t seem to get enough of. When you stay with us at the Adobe Resort, discover the wonders of whale watching Oregon.

Up Close And Personal

Though there are roughly 80,000 whales that make their way through the waters past our resort, there is nothing more thrilling than climbing aboard a vessel to get a close-up look at these beautiful creatures. There are several charters available right in Yachats Oregon that will take you out and give you a first-hand look into the ocean life just beyond the shores and whale watching Oregon coastal waters. Businesses like The Whale’s Tale and Whale Research EcoExcursions offer educational trips out to sea for the chance of seeing whales as they rise to the surface.

The Land Lover’s Viewing

whale watching oregonWith the ocean waves crashing to shore outside our resort windows, it is not unheard of to see massive grey whales surfacing for a breath. Grab a pair of binoculars and step out to the patio or walk down to a better vantage point and gaze out over the waters. Though there is nothing like hearing the sounds of waters splashing from the flip of a tale and the hissing blows of their breath, it is still an unforgettable sight to see no matter where you are whale watching from.

The Adobe Experience

Whether you embark on an ocean adventure out to sea or remain on land with a keen set of eyes, whale watching Oregon is a unique experience. Discover the majesty of our neighboring ocean life and experience all of the other exciting attractions around Adobe Resort. Come and make memories that will last forever and experience the Oregon Coast like never before.