Thors Well Oregon – West Coast Natural Wonders

Thors Well OregonNature is full of fascinating features that form over years of weathering and strange phenomena that many still can’t fully explain. From sprawling underground lakes to massive rock structures, every landscape seems to hold something wonderous that captivates visitors and locals alike. Here in Yachats Oregon, there is one natural wonder not far from Adobe Resort that has awed us for as long as we can remember, and it’s called Thors Well.

A Bit About Thors Well

Located on Cape Perpetua, this natural wonder draws crowds from all over to see this magnificent sight. Though it’s considered quite dangerous because of the constant drainage and powerful waves that continuously crash into the rocky mouth of the opening. Though many believe it is a bottomless abyss that leads into the depths beneath the opening, it is thought only to be about 20 feet deep. Researchers have theorized that the Thors Well Oregon wonder was once an underwater cave that was weathered to the point it’s top and bottom collapsed, opening it into the funneling hole that swallows the ocean waves.

Visiting Thors Well

Thors Well OregonThe spectacular views of the well are not for the faint-of-heart as some of the best times to view Thors Well are during storms when water levels rise above the rock’s emerging brim. Spectators are warned to take caution when viewing Thors Well, as much of the currents surround it violently thrash against the rocks and risk pulling anything in its wake into its depths. The best time to get up close to the well is during low tides because the waves don’t rise up as far to spill over into the well. However, if you are a photographer looking for dramatic photos, the high tide seems to be the most sought out time for a wicked shoot. When you are visiting Thors Well, it can be a little tricky to find, but when you do, be sure to stay aware of your surroundings as this spot is notorious for sneaky waves that take spectators by surprise. You will also want to wear waterproof clothing if you don’t want to get wet as the wave breaks do spray quite a bit and you may be walking out over rocks for closer looks.

Thors Well Oregon Adventures

When you stay with us at Adobe Resort, there all sorts of wonders waiting for you along our beautiful coast. Watch storms roll in from your cozy accommodations or set out on adventures to a few of the marvelous features like Thors Well. Bring along your camera and binoculars so you can get a closer look and capture the sights like the Thors Well Oregon Coast natural wonder. This experience and so many more are just waiting to be discovered when you book your stay at Adobe Resort.