Best Things to do in Yachats Oregon – Tidepooling

things to do in Yachats Oregon

They say that less than 75% of the ocean has been explored and that there could be millions of different species that we haven’t yet discovered. With such a vast area of the Earth holding so many secrets and wonders, it is hard not to be drawn to the waves. When you stay with us at The Adobe Resort, you can discover a few of the hidden gems of the Pacific Ocean with a fun tidepooling excursion along with other great things to do in Yachats Oregon.

What is Tidepooling?

When the low tide carries water back out to sea, a few ocean dwelling residents remain in the pools left behind. Colorful anemone, starfish, hermit crabs, and an array of other aquatic critters can be found in the now-accessible pooled areas that remain on the shore. Many areas along the coastline host beautiful rocky shores that are the perfect place for these tiny ocean puddles to form and create an ideal home for things to do in Yachats Oregonthese creatures of the deep. When you arrive at the tidepooling areas, create a list of possible species in your area. Then, you can peer into the water and experience one of nature’s scavenger hunts. When tidepooling, avoid handling the sea life as not to disturb them or their home. It’s also important to always walk on the sandy areas because living creatures like sponges, barnacles, and mussels often coat the surfaces of rocks. Even though stones often appear like they just have a rough coating over them, they are actually living species that are waiting for high tide to come back in. To keep these areas protected so that they can thrive, simply respect these wonderful critters and their habitats so that even more people can enjoy the same memorable experience long after your visit.

Exciting Discoveries to be Made!

When you visit or beautiful Oregon coastal town, there are plenty of gorgeous areas that offer incredible tidepooling opportunities. The Cape Perpetua Scenic Area has a stretch of coast that provides phenomenal views of the ocean from the lookout point as well as great tidepooling. Devils Punchbowl State Natural Area, Fogarty Creek State Recreation Area, and Seal Rock State Recreation Site are all fascinating areas that you can hike through the rocks to find multiple pockets of tide pools. No matter which park you choose to visit, simply peer into the pools during low tide to see what kind of sea life is hiding in the shallows.

things to do in Yachats OregonIf you want to take a trip just south after exploring the things to do in Yachats Oregon, one park area with an abundance of thriving tide pools and stunning ocean views tends to stand out from the rest. Strawberry Hill Wayside is known for its bountiful tide pools that are brimming with sea life. Take the stairs at Neptune State Scenic Viewpoint down to the Wayside portion of the area to find some of Oregon’s best tide pools!

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When you stay with us at The Adobe Resort, embark on an unforgettable adventure while experiencing all of the different things to do in Yachats Oregon; like tidepooling. Our cozy accommodations offer fantastic ocean views, and we are only a short distance away from all of these incredible tide pool havens. Bring your camera along to snap some photos during your journey, because you will want to look back on this excursion for years to come. The Pacific Coast is waiting for you to discover what mysteries it holds. Are you ready to uncover them?