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When it comes to things to do in Yachats, Oregon, eating is one of our favorite options. All of the incredible, tasty restaurants along the Oregon Coast are proof that our state is full of top-notch ingredients. Adobe Resort’s beachside location means you can eat fresh seafood right at our restaurant. If you enjoy trying out exciting new recipes on your own, we offer suites with full kitchens, and you can even catch your own meat. The Oregon crab season is just around the corner, so get ready for a new kind of fishing and plenty of melted butter. Here’s how to to go crabbing in Oregon.

Best Places to Go Crabbing in Oregon

Yachats, Oregon, is smack in the middle of the Oregon Coast, so when you stay here, you have easy access to the entire state. Every Oregon estuary will yield some crabs or clams. However, the finest spots for crabbing in Oregon are just outside our back door. Alsea Bay and Yaquina Bay are both under an hour away, and they are the top places to go for a hefty haul. 

The Oregon crab season is open year-round, but fall and winter are the best times to catch them. These crustaceans molt in the spring and summer, so they are less adventurous and are more challenging to find. As temperatures drop, they come out of hiding and bulk up to fill out their newer, bigger shells. 

If you’re planning to visit outside of the Oregon crab season but still want to taste our famous Dungeness crab, don’t worry! We serve expertly-cooked dishes all year.

Essential Crabbing Supplies

Crabbing in Oregon is usually by boat or dock. If you want an adrenaline-filled experience, Yaquina Bay Charters will take you crabbing and fishing on the open ocean and will provide your crab pot. If you’re looking for a more simple and relaxed time, you can have fun crabbing in Oregon from any of our public docks. The crabbing supplies you’ll need are a cooler with ice, crab traps, and bait.Seal in Yachats, Oregon

Crabmeat spoils quickly, so you’ll need the cooler to keep them cold and alive. A crab will eat pretty much any kind of meat, so don’t worry about what to bring. Chicken, hot dogs, and clams are all good options, but remember that seafood bait can attract seals. If seals arrive, do not try to pet them!

Crabbing in Oregon involves two main types of traps: a crab pot or a crab ring. Crab pots are popular along the U.S. East Coast as well as the West Coast, while crab rings are more prevalent here in the Pacific Northwest. 

A crab pot is a cage that crabs can crawl into, not out. It’s a good option because you don’t have to pay much attention to them, so you can explore the beach while you wait. Crab rings are collapsible baskets and a more exciting option. Because the baskets lay flat on the ocean floor with bait on top, you must pay closer attention and expand the basket by pulling on it. You physically catch the crabs yourself with crab rings. Rent crabbing supplies in Alsea Bay at Dock of the Bay.

What to Do When Crabbing in Oregon

Regardless of which bait and trap style you choose, you’ll attach your trap to the boat or dock and wait. For a crab pot, wait for between 30–45 minutes before checking the trap. For a crab ring, wait 10–20. Once you catch some crabs, verify their species and sex. Your daily haul can include 24 red rock crab of any size or sex. It can only include 12 male Dungeness crabs, and they must be at least 5.75 inches across the back.

To eat your crabs on-the-spot, Dock of the Bay will clean and cook them for you. To try out your own recipe, make use of your full-sized kitchen at Adobe Resort.

Staying in Yachats, Oregon

Before heading out to catch your best meal ever, be sure to pick up a license at any local outdoor store. Our staff can direct you to one nearby. Send us a message or call 541-547-3141 to learn more about all the fun things to do in Yachats, Oregon, and to book your stay at our dreamy, seaside resort.