Best Things to do in Yachats Oregon – Tidepooling

Best Things to do in Yachats Oregon - Tidepooling They say that less than 75% of the ocean has been explored and that there could be millions of different species that we haven’t yet discovered. With such a vast area of the Earth holding so many secrets and wonders, it is hard not to be drawn to the waves. When you stay with us at The Adobe Resort, you can discover a few of the hidden gems of the Pacific Ocean with a fun tidepooling excursion along with other great things to do in Yachats Oregon. What is Tidepooling? When [...]

Thors Well Oregon – West Coast Natural Wonders

Thors Well Oregon - West Coast Natural Wonders Nature is full of fascinating features that form over years of weathering and strange phenomena that many still can’t fully explain. From sprawling underground lakes to massive rock structures, every landscape seems to hold something wonderous that captivates visitors and locals alike. Here in Yachats Oregon, there is one natural wonder not far from Adobe Resort that has awed us for as long as we can remember, and it’s called Thors Well. A Bit About Thors Well Located on Cape Perpetua, this natural wonder draws crowds from all over to see this [...]

A New Year, A New You

The New Year is a time for fresh new beginnings. Starting goals, checking things off your bucket list, and creating a new start. This year think about what is important to you. Are you hoping to take time for yourself? Alternatively, maybe you want to explore somewhere new. Adobe Resort in Yachats Oregon is the perfect place to welcome the new year and the new you! Relax Take a timeout. This vacation is for you. During the day take a nap or sleep in until the sun is high in the sky. Eliminate the reminders that come up during the [...]

Getting Ready For Snow In Yachats Oregon

The weather is getting colder, and the leaves have fallen. Winter is in the air, and we are ready for a new world to appear in Yachats Oregon. The village is prepping for the upcoming holiday season, and so are we at Adobe Resort. Enjoy the festivities from visiting Santa to shopping in the town for the perfect gift. Yachats Oregon is the ideal place to get cozy and enjoy the festive winter season. Holiday Events Join in on celebrating the annual solstice with a bonfire. Held on the grounds of the Yachats Commons, The Yachats Academy of Arts & [...]

Yachats Oregon Celtic Music Festival

Celtic music is a fun and spirited type of music. It can range from storytelling to energetic dancing beats. With so much variation, everyone finds something they like. This year join the festivities in Yachats Oregon at the Annual Celtic Music Festival. Celtic music is a broad range of music genres that evolved out of folk music traditions of the Celtic people. First, Celtic music is the music of the citizens that identify themselves as Celts. Secondly, it refers to whatever qualities may be unique to the Celtic Nations. There is a tremendous variation between Celtic regions. Ireland, Scotland, Brittany [...]

A Fun Event For A Fungi In Yachats Oregon

Calling all fun gals and fun guys to Yachats Oregon. The 18th annual Village Mushroom Fest is fast approaching!  Yachats has a temperate rainforest that provides an astonishing variety of fungi and mushrooms. The annual festival showcases wild forest mushrooms through different activities, so you can get to know all the FUN things about mushrooms! Everything Mushrooms This year on October 20th through the 22nd, you will experience: Wild forest mushroom cuisine. Culinary markets. Cooking demonstrations. Wine and beer tastings. Guided walks. Workshops and wild mushrooms displays. And much more! You will have a fantastic time learning about the role [...]

The Perfect Fall Getaway

Have you ever experienced Autumn by the Ocean? If not, you need to, and this is the year. Yachats Oregon is a gorgeous place to experience fall. The colors are changing, and the cool breeze from the ocean kisses your face. This fall getaway with your partner and enjoy the seasons changing in one of the most beautiful places. Fall Into Yachats Oregon Take a scenic drive along the coastline and stop along the way at lookout points. Yachats Oregon is nestled in forested mountains and the ocean, creating a spectacular view. Catch the changing colors and rocky headland that make [...]

Spring Whale Watching in Yachats Oregon

Adobe Resort located in Yachats Oregon is a great place for a refreshing retreat from everyday life. Our resort is nestled between the lush forested mountains of the coast range and the lapping waves of the Pacific Ocean. Yachats' beaches are perfect for clam diggers, fishermen, and watching the most dramatic surfing in the world during the months of December- February. One of the most popular things to do while in Yachats though is to whale watch! An estimated 18,000 whales make their way past these shores. Mostly gray whales but also a few other species. Gray whales grow up [...]