Yachats OregonYachats Oregon is the perfect summer spot for a quiet and fun getaway. Nestled between forest and the big blue sea, Yachats is a small town. Locals own the shops, you can walk everywhere, and people are happy to see you. It is a place for the whole family to refresh and spend time together. Adobe Resort follows these expectations. Our staff are locals and know the area and are happy to see you and help you with your summer vacation to Yachats Oregon, where in every direction, you will find places to explore and adventures to experience.  

What To Do

Yachats Oregon is filled with gorgeous beaches, amazing nature hikes, and a charming town. This summer explore the beauty of the Ocean. Hang out on the beach, look for seashells, or join in on a game of beach volleyball. Experience the wonders of Oregon by lacing up your boots and going for a walk. There are fantastic vantage points in Oregon where you will get the perfect view.

Neptune State Scenic Viewpoint is a state park in Oregon. Benches are set on the cliff to give you an excellent view of wildlife and the waves crashing on the rocks. You can watch for whales, birds, sea lions, and the occasional deer. At low tide, walk to the south to see a natural cave and tide pool and the wonders that the ocean creates.

Smelt Sands State Recreation Site is the spot for photography. Grab your camera and capture a fantastic shot. The park is known for rock fishing, tidepools, and the yearly smelt run. It is a whale watching point as well! Head down during the sunset for a breathtaking experience and the perfect photo opportunity.

In the heart of it all is Yachats State Recreation Area. Offering a view of the Yachats River as it meets the Pacific Ocean. See the gray whale migration and large waves come crashing in. If you want to go fishing, rock and salmon fishing is popular here. A perfect place to take a break, have a picnic, take in the beauty that is Yachats.

What To Bring

With so much to see it is important to know what to bring. If you want to relax on the beach bring a swimsuit that you are comfortable in and can handle all activities. Beach shoes, such as flip-flops, are recommended in case you need a break yachats Oregonfrom the sun and want to cool off in a restaurant. Bring a cover up and a beach towel to cover all of your beach needs. The sun can get intense, so sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat are necessary. Bring your hiking boots or comfy shoes to put some miles on if you want to explore.

Layers are also important because the weather is always changing by the ocean. So, it can get cool on some lookout points and by the water. Also, bring a rain coat or umbrella to help when the skies open up. Last but not least, a camera! You will be seeing amazing views and having fun with the whole family that you will want to capture the incredible moments. Do not worry if you forget something because Yachats Oregon is filled with shops to make sure you get what you need.

Where To Stay

Adobe Resort is the perfect place for your vacation in Yachats Oregon. Whether you are looking for a trip Yachats Oregonfor two or one for the whole family we have the room for you. We have everything you would and should expect from a resort. 24-hour front desk with friendly service, a fabulous restaurant, bar and lounge, fitness facility, game room, indoor pool, and the list goes on. There is something for everyone at Adobe Resorts as well as Yachats Oregon. This summer is your turn to take the time to have fun. Call 541-547-3141 to book your memories today!