All American Road

Adobe Resort Scenic Byway Guide: Yachats, Oregon

When you visit the beautiful state of Oregon, it is hard not to want to explore every corner. From the vast forest areas with snow-capped mountains to the gorgeous Pacific Ocean crashing to rocky shores, there is no shortage of pure beauty. One of the best ways to take in the stunning Yachats Oregon area is by taking a scenic drive. When you stay with us at Adobe Resort, there are a few routes that will lead you to stunning areas nearby our Yachats lodging.

All American Road Trips

Road trips could easily be considered a tradition in America. With so many incredible and different areas with varying terrains, scenery, and culture it is easy to see why taking a long drive through new areas could be a favorite throughout the country. When you visit us in Yachats Oregon, make sure you hop onto one of the best scenic routes in the area and take in the most beautiful regions nearby our Yachats lodging. There is no experience quite like our all American road trip adventures in Oregon.

Oregon State Scenic Byway

All American RoadOne of the most breathtaking routes in Oregon is the Pacific Coast Scenic Byway. Winding along 363 miles of coastline, this 10 to 12-hour drive will leave you speechless as you get to peer out into the Pacific Ocean and pass by impressive land formations. The ‘All American Road’ that takes you from the California Redwood Forest to the rustic coast of Washington, Highway 101 is the best-rated highway route to take for best driving adventures in Oregon. Stop at sites such as Astoria, Cannon Beach, Devils Punchbowl, and many other phenomenal areas of Oregon as you travel along this all American road.

A Stay To Complete The Trip

When you stay with us at Adobe Resort, you can find plenty of things to do in Yachats Oregon, however, if you want to see even more of our beautiful home state, get in the car and explore! Find yourself in cozy Yachats Lodging and break up your road trip into a few days worths of adventures in Oregon. Start your first day at the resort by investigating the numerous things to do in Yachats Oregon like museums, coffee shops, and the aquarium. Then, spend the next day cruising up the coast and back. You can spend a third day heading south and back to your Yachats Oregon lodging, and finally, relax about the resort for the fourth day. The possibilities are endless! Discover your perfect adventures in Oregon and explore the Pacific Coast Scenic Byway during your stay at the Adobe Resort!