OregonSaltwater Adventuring in Yachats Oregon

If you’re looking to experience the majestic Pacific Ocean on your next family getaway, Adobe Resort in beautiful Yachats, Oregon is the ideal coastal destination for you. This fantastic resort is located just minutes away from the awesome saltwater adventures you’ve been waiting for. From witnessing the magnificent coastal beauty and natural rock formations to whale watching on the mighty Pacific Ocean, Adobe Resort gives you access to incredible experiences. With so many great things to do in Yachats, Oregon, an Adobe Resort vacation should be making its way onto your calendar.

Coastal Beauty

If you wish to get close to the Ocean but actually out on it, a visit to the beautiful Oregon coast is a great option. A coastal adventure while staying at our Yachats lodging provides gorgeous scenery on which to feast your eyes. Visit Cape Perpetua Scenic Area lookout located in the Siuslaw National Forest, and you’ll understand what kind of beauty we’re talking about. Vast expanses of rocky coastline perpetually groomed with lapping waves make for some of the most awe-inspiring sights you could ever imagine. Another Oregon coastline wonder is Thor’s Well. This seemingly bottomless natural hole gets continuously washed with seawater, creating an illusion that the feature is draining the Pacific. This feature is best seen during high tide as the waves amplify its effect. Similar to Thor’s Well, Devils Churn is another rocky landmark worth checking out. The chasm was initially only a small break in the volcanic bedrock, but after millions of years of erosion has formed into the deep abyss we see today.

Marine Discovery Tours

For an adventure a little more exciting, make the 30-minute drive up the coast to Newport and get yourself on one of the Marine Discovery Tours. These deep sea cruises are perfect for viewing majestic ocean wildlife in their natural habitat. A voyage out on the 65-foot long DISCOVERY in search or sealife is definitely one of the most exciting Oregon adventures. Depending on the time of year and water conditions, the Marine Discovery Tour crew will help you view gray whales, sea lions, seals, a vast variety of marine birds, and many coastal features such as historical area lighthouses. A trip on the open see will create long lasting memories for all!

Things To Do in Yachats Oregon

There are many exciting things to do in Yachats, Oregon, especially if you’re searching for some saltwater adventures. Book your stay at Adobe Resort and find yourself in one of the most beautiful northeastern coastal cities. Our resort will provide you with all the comforts you need to make your Oregon stay one to remember forever.