The Perfect Girlfriends Getaway to Adobe Resort

girlfriends getawayThere’s no better place for your next getaway with your best girlfriends than a spot overlooking the beautiful blue Pacific Ocean. The Oregon coast is known for its beauty and will offer you and your best friends more than enough to enjoy during your time overlooking the ocean. Adobe Resort was built out of unique adobe bricks and opened to the public in 1950. It wasn’t until the 1970s that the resort received over 60 new rooms, making it into the hotel it is today, with plenty of choices for the perfect room for you and your best friends to enjoy your time on the Oregon Coast. From simpler rooms to suites with ocean views to full apartments, and even rooms that allow pets, you’ll be able to find the accommodation perfect for you during your girlfriends getaway to the Oregon Coast.


To make your girlfriends getaway absolutely perfect, the Adobe Resort, as well as offering plenty of choices of rooms for your stay, also offers special room packages to make your stay even more perfect. These packages can include anything you could picture to make your stay exactly what you imagine for your perfect girlfriends getaway. With these packages, you’ll get the chance to enjoy a breakfast included with your room, a dinner for two, and even a deluxe package that includes both meals, making it even easier to have the best time you can.


The Adobe Resort will definitely make sure you don’t go hungry during your girlfriends getaway. They not only offer an extensive breakfast menu, but they also offer lunch and dinner at the resort, as well as Sunday Brunch. Since brunch is the perfect addition to any girlfriends getaway, dining there on a Sunday morning will make your trip absolutely perfect. This buffet-style Sunday brunch will be sure to give you plenty to eat to fuel your weekend adventures, with choices ranging all the way from fresh fruit to an omelet bar. They also have a lounge menu available daily, which includes seafood, pizza, and smaller bar dishes. 

Exploring Yachats, OR

Your girlfriends getaway to Adobe Resort wouldn’t be complete without spending plenty of time at the beach. Yachats is known for having particularly empty beaches, which will allow you and your friends to enjoy your time on the seashore without any distractions. The waves on the nearby beaches are also some of the largest in the world, so being able to sit back and watch these waves is an experience that can’t be beaten. Each of Yachats nearby beaches are easily accessible and offer rocky tide pools and miles of sandy beaches to explore, as well as views of the nearby mountains ideal for making your trip to Adobe Resort the perfect coastal girlfriends getaway.

A Girlfriends Getaway to Abobe Resort

The Pacific Ocean is the perfect view for your next girlfriends getaway, and there’s no better place to stay than the Adobe Resort, whose goal is to make your trip feel as inclusive as possible so that you have nothing to worry about. From their room packages to their food, the Adobe Resort is the perfect place to stay for your next girlfriends getaway, allowing you to get close to the beach so that you can explore the rocky coves and sandy shores of Yachats with your best friends making memories to last a lifetime.