Mother and daughter Searching for Lost Treasure in OregonBeachcomber Paradise: Lost Treasure in Oregon

The Oregon Coast is world-famous for its breathtaking natural scenery. Our stunning Pacific beaches, in particular, draw in visitors from all corners of the earth. In addition to towering rock formations, fanciful spindrifts, and sky-high lookout cliffs, our beaches offer plenty of fun ways to get active outdoors. One of the most unique things to do in Oregon is beachcombing. Singles, couples, groups of friends, and families all enjoy searching for lost treasure in Oregon. As one of the best Oregon Coast resorts, Adobe Resort has nearby beach access for guests who want to try their hand at treasure hunting. Here’s our guide to beachcombing in Yachats.

What You’ll Find Near Oregon Coast Resorts

Oregon’s beaches are famous for glass floats and agate gemstones. Each year, people hide old fashioned, glass fishing net floats along the coast for others to find. They can blend in pretty well, so keep your eyes open as you search the sandy shores. Look for anything that glints in the sunshine. Most glass floats in Oregon are just up the coast in Lincoln City, where the sparkling spheres are numbered. If you find one there, you can get a certificate of authenticity from the Finders Keepers program. You may also find time-worn sea glass, which makes lovely earrings and other crafts.Antique Coins as Lost Treasure in Oregon

Agates look similar to other rocks, but when they are polished or cut open, gorgeous, colorful lines form patterns and swirls. There are many different types of agates here, but they’re typically slightly translucent when held up to the light. It’s easier to identify them when they’re wet, so if you spot one that you’re unsure of, swish it in the water before holding it up to the sun. You can also find fossils and petrified wood hidden in the beach rubble. Only invertebrate fossils are open to beachcombers according to state regulations.

If you’re interested in less common lost treasure in Oregon, a metal detector might be a good option for you. People find things like coins, antique buttons, and even jewelry!

Where to Look for Lost Treasure in Oregon

For novice and expert beachcombers alike, the trails outside Adobe Resort are an excellent place to start. You can find agates, sea glass, and more just steps from your comfortable hotel room.

Yachats is near some of the best agate beaches in Oregon, such as Smelt Sands State Recreation Site, Yachats Ocean Road State Natural Site, and Stonefield Beach. The many streams in the Siuslaw National Forest are also prime agate hunting grounds. If you’re willing to drive a little, the most famous agate beach in Oregon, aptly named Agate Beach, is in Newport.

Many of the best agate beaches in Oregon are also open to metal detecting. The Oregon Parks and Recreation Department maintains an official list of public metal detecting sites.

Oregon Coast Resorts for Beachcombers

If beachcombing for lost treasure in Oregon interests you, our seaside hotel is the perfect place to stay. Yachats’ rocky terrain catches an abundance of treasures with each storm. They’re just waiting to be found! Contact us today to book your Pacific Northwest escape!